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Mistresses - the secret power of women

Original title:

"Mistresses" is a three-part documentation, one of the parts is dedicated to Louis XIV (53 minutes + some extras with background informations and making-of fotos).

The story line is about rise and fall of three important mistress in european history.

- Part 1 tells about the mistress relationship of the renaissance pope Alexander IV.
- Part 2 unvails the moste unusual stories of the Ottoman harem in Istanbul.
- Part 3 shows, how the mistresses becomes an influential position under Louis XIV the Sun-King.

"Mistresses" is a coproduction of LE-Vision and MDR, ARTE and UFA Filmproduktion. Producion support came from MDM Central German Film Fund and the mediaprogram of the EU.

At the moment that film exists only in German.



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the image of Louis XIV in the menu is taken from PC-Game "Versailles II" created by Cryo Interactive Entertainment. See the description of that game under "Software" for more information.